„Our perceptions are influenced by our surroundings.``

Cornelius Baltus is born under the zodiac sign of libra. One of the qualities of this air sign is the need to facilitate a certain lightness and beauty in its surroundings. The sign of Libra is fully in line with the Seventh House, ruled by Venus and exalted by Saturn. Venus represents the sign of love and beauty while Saturn represents wisdom and patience. Libra embodies a perfect blend of these two planets and can create therefore a natural taste of intuitive beauty in your environment.

Miss Saigon, Russia / © Seyama

Having worked with a diversity of International renewed designers, Cornelius Baltus understands now the reward of this 20 year collaboration. He has refined his own knowledge of seeing and understanding visual aspects and is able to see more than just the “rough sketch”. He is not only using this skill in his theatre productions but has successfully started bringing visuality to aspects of his own living environment.

The result is the conviction of being a holistic creator for visual environments. Whether it is a theater, a working or living environment, every space carries its own energy.

© CBProductions

Cornelius Baltus knows how to tune into empty spaces. Every theatre production starts with empty space, which needs to be filled with sets, lights, sound and additional visuals. All of these added elements are based on script and music and become a creation, into which the actors will be imbedded.

This same concept can be transferred to any space; large or small; private or public.

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A change of concept for your living- or working space can create a new impuls and motivation to be more aware of how you stand in life and do your business. Your surroundings do influence your perception especially in a sub-conscious way you might not be aware of. Therefore it is essential to create your individual space according to your style and taste.

Taste, understanding, creativity and having a deep sensibility of style are part of Cornelius Baltus talents. Creating has been, and will continue to be his life-long task. He is happy to share these talents with whomever wants and needs his advice.

Change is good, but not easy – the power is in you and Cornelius Baltus is happy to support you.


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