„I like to reinvent myself - it's part of my job.``
Karl Lagerfeld

CBProductions is a young dynamic company with the long-time experience of the founders Cornelius Baltus and Ingrid Trenner in the arts-, entertainment- and business-sector.

Founded in January 2020 CBProductions supports and develops the artistic and literary creation – as consultant, companion and innovator.

In 2019 Cornelius Baltus created the idea to start a company due to his life long experience in the cultural and entertainment sector.

His knowledge and experience in the complexity of this sector combined with his creative innovation energy is concentrated in the foundation of CBProductions. Cornelius Baltus is supported by Ingrid Trenner who has a long-time experience in the banking sector and  incorporates her competence in finance into CBProductions. This results in a secure and strong company to do business with.

With the guiding principles and ingredients of professionalism, quality, creativity, innovation and experience CBProductions supports companies, media, local authorities and individuals in a successful future.

Ingrid Trenner, Cornelius Baltus / © CBProductions
Ingrid Trenner, Cornelius Baltus / © CBProductions

CBProductions - your partner in arts,
entertainment and creative development.

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