CBProductions – your partner in the arts-, entertainment- and business-sector

CBProductions is a young dynamic company with the long-time experience of the founders Cornelius Baltus and Ingrid Trenner in the arts-, entertainment- and business-sector.

Founded in January 2020 CBProductions supports and develops the artistic and literary creation – as consultant, companion and innovator.

Based on his international experience in arts & entertainment and his creative innovation energy Cornelius Baltus and CBProductions support companies, media, local authorities and individuals in a successful future.

Cornelius Baltus & CBProductions

  • Personal Consultant for arts-, entertainment- and business-projects
  • Direction and visual concepts for national and international theatre productions
  • Concepts and production management for new theatre productions
  • New developments and adaptations of theatre literature
  • Storyteller, content marketer and fairytale writer

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